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1-Sekret Machines : Chasing Shadows de Tom Delonge, AJ Hartley (Author),‎ Peter Levenda (Afterword)

Amazon – Parution Février 2017 – En Anglais – 704p. – Broché ou Kindle

« Blurring the line of science fiction and fact, Sekret Machines is an explosive thriller that will make you question everything you’ve been told about what’s really out there. » -Larry King

A 2016 Foreword INDIES Book Award finalist, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows is written by Open Mind’s 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year and acclaimed producer Tom DeLonge with NYTimes bestselling academic AJ Hartley in a powerful collaboration with top government officials that keep the truth on course while revealing fascinating secrets surrounding the true, well-documented events of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

The 2017 trade paperback edition includes a foreword by Jim Semivan, a retired 25-year career veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. »


2-Sekret Machines : Gods, man & war de Tom Delonge, Peter Levenda (Auteur), Jacques Vallee (Préface)

Sekret Machines: Gods

Fnac – Parution en Mars 2017 – En Anglais – Format epub

An exceptional examination from award-winning author and producer Tom DeLonge with renowned research author Peter Levenda, Sekret Machines: GODS will take you on an eye-opening journey that transcends speculation and is based on unprecedented access to officials at the highest levels of government, military and industrial agencies who have provided insights and assistance never before experienced by any researchers in this controversial field. GODS takes us beyond speculation to certain knowledge of what exactly lies at the heart of the most important Phenomenon ever to confront human understanding. This first volume introduces the reader to some of the critical issues that are foundational to an intelligent and enlightened grasp of the revelations that will follow in the next two volumes. There is another Force in the universe of our Reality, another context for comprehending what has been going on for millennia and especially in the last seventy years. Sekret Machines is the result of input from scientists, engineers, intelligence officers, and military officials — a group we call the Advisors — and transcends the speculation of journalists, historians and others whose conclusions are often either misinformed or only tease around the edges of the Sekret Machines. The reader will not discover wild theories or unfounded claims, but instead will confront a solid — if often unsettling — reality, one that demands the collaboration of all of us in every field of human endeavor if we are to understand it and manage its effects. If nothing else, readers will come to the conclusion that the Phenomenon is not what they think it is. It is, in fact, much more serious and potentially much more threatening than they can imagine. Sekret Machines: GODS is volume one of the companion investigation series to the bestselling thriller Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows by DeLonge and NYTimes bestselling author AJ Hartley. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Read together, the thriller series and the investigation series show what cannot be revealed with one approach alone.


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To the stars … Academy of arts & sciences

Tom DeLonge – President & CEO




Tom DeLonge is the co-founder, President and interim CEO of To The Stars Academy of the Arts and Science. As President of the company’s subsidiary, To The Stars Inc., since 2015, he was primarily engaged within the entertainment sector. His career spans over two decades, selling over 25 million records worldwide with the bands he co-founded, Blink182 and Angels & Airwaves. Prior to forming the TTS Academy, Mr. DeLonge co-founded Really Likeable People, Inc. (“RLP”), the parent company of international consumer lifestyle brands including Atticus Clothing and Macbeth Footwear, and the technology monetization platform, Modlife. Mr. DeLonge has taken his award-winning creative content that spans music, books, and film and built To The Stars Inc. as a vertically integrated entertainment business that develops, produces and distributes multi-media and merchandise world-wide.

Jim Semivan

Vice President Operations



Jim Semivan is the co-founder and Vice President Operations of TTS Academy. In 2007, Mr. Semivan founded the consulting firm, JimSem1 LLC, after his retirement as a senior intelligence service member of the Central Intelligence Agency. Since retirement, Mr. Semivan primarily worked as a consultant for the Intelligence Community (IC) on classified topics including IC leadership training, CIA tradecraft training and IC programs for countering weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Semivan retired from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations after 25 years as an operations officer, both overseas and domestically. Mr. Semivan holds bachelor’s degrees from The Ohio State University and a M.A. from San Francisco State University.

Dr. Hal Puthoff

Vice President Science & Technology



Dr. Harold E. Puthoff is the co-founder and Vice President of Science and Technology of TTS Academy. Since 1985, Dr. Puthoff has served as President and CEO of EarthTech International, Inc. (ETI), and Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (IASA). He has published numerous papers on electron-beam devices, lasers and space propulsion and has patents issued in the laser, communications, and energy fields. Dr. Puthoff’s professional background spans more than five decades of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University and SRI International. Dr. Puthoff regularly advises NASA , the Department of Defense and intelligence communities, corporations and foundations on leading-edge technologies and future technology trends. He earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1967 and won a Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement in 2017 that recognizes individuals that have achieved greatness in their industry and have excelled in their field for at least 20 years.

Steve Justice

Aerospace Division Director



Steve is the Director of the TTS Academy Aerospace Division, tasked with leading the effort to examine the possibilities of emerging sciences and technologies. This team will work to define advanced systems exploiting radical technologies, prototypes promising concepts, and develop operational systems that shatter conventional thinking. He entered the defense aerospace industry in 1978 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology. After 31 years, Stephen is the recently retired Program Director for Advanced Systems from Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs – better known as the “Skunk Works”. Stephen’s industry experience brings to TTS Academy a deep understanding of strategy definition, breakthrough technology development, advanced concept design, prototyping, system fielding, and program planning and execution using a leadership style that inspires innovation.

Luis Elizondo

Director of Global Security & Special Programs



Luis Elizondo is a career intelligence officer whose experience includes working with the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counterintelligence Executive, and the Director of National Intelligence. As a former Special Agent In-Charge, Luis conducted and supervised highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world. As an intelligence Case Officer, he ran clandestine source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle East. Most recently, Luis managed the security for certain sensitive portfolios for the US Government as the Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff. For nearly the last decade, Luis also ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. Luis’ academic background includes Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology, with research experience in tropical diseases. Luis is also an inventor who holds several patents.


Bob Lazar

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Robert Scott Lazar, ou Bob Lazar, né le 26/01/1959, est ingénieur et scientifique.

Il affirme avoir travaillé entre 1988 et 1989 en tant que physicien au S4 près de la Zone 51, une base militaire secrète située dans le désert du Nevada. D’après Lazar, le Secteur 4 a été créé pour l’étude sur la rétro-ingénierie d’engins extraterrestres récupérés par l’armée américaine après la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Cependant, la véracité de ses propos a été attaquée après que « les écoles dans lesquelles il affirme avoir fait ses études reconnaissent n’avoir aucune trace de lui, et que personne de la communauté scientifique n’a souvenir de lui ». Lazar s’est défendu en affirmant que le gouvernement a cherché à effacer son existence après sa démission, donnant lieu à diverses théories conspirationnistes.

Déclarations sur la Zone 51 …

Lazar fut amené à travailler, avec d’autres scientifiques, sur la propulsion d’un nouveau genre d’appareils militaires ressemblant aux soucoupes volantes des cultures populaires. Il pensa alors que les observations d’ovnis étaient en réalité les vols d’essai de ces engins appartenant à l’armée de l’air des États-Unis. Mais au fur et à mesure de ses recherches et de la lecture de plusieurs documents, il parvint à la conclusion que les neuf engins entreposés à S4 étaient d’origine extraterrestre. …

Ces extraterrestres proviendraient du système solaire Zeta Reticuli situé dans la constellation du Réticule à 39 années-lumière de notre planète. …

Lazar explique que le carburant des soucoupes était l’élément atomique 115 (l’ununpentium). Selon lui, l’élément est une source d’énergie qui permet l’antigravité lorsqu’il est bombardé de protons et produit de l’énergie par antimatière. Lorsque l’intense champ d’interaction forte de l’ununpentium est correctement amplifié, l’effet antigravitationnel produit à grande échelle permet de créer une distorsion du continuum espace-temps qui permet de raccourcir les distances et le temps de voyage pour une destination voulue.


—> Le moscovium (symbole Mc) est l’élément chimique de numéro atomique 115. Il correspond à l’ununpentium (Uup) de la dénomination systématique de l’UICPA, et est encore appelé élément 115 dans la littérature.


—> Le moscovium est évoqué comme composant d’un aéronef top secret dans X-Files S10E01 et apparaît dans divers jeux vidéo comme la série des Call of Duty.


Dans la réalité, l’élément 115 n’a été découvert qu’en 2004, par synthèse, bien que Lazar en ai parlé dès 1989.




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