XFILES Fiction ou réalité – Replay et lien Ebook

Fnac – Epub anglais – Bob Johnson – Paru en avril 2011

« Occult Investigator Real Cases from the Files of X-Investigations » chronicles author and private detective Bob Johnson’s REAL-WORLD experiences investigating all manner of paranormal and occult events. He is the founder of the world’s only occult and paranormal investigation firm – X-Investigations that’s affiliated with a licensed New York City private investigations company. Unlike the myriad « ghost busting » teams that garner media attention for their « scary photos and creepy sound recordings » Johnson and X-Investigations first uses its PI resources to verify if a case warrants any kind of actual occult solutions and if so confronts the events face-to-face using clairvoyant and proven ritualistic methods. Their company credo: « We Face Your Fears. » He’s the Sam Spade of ghosts witches demons and things that scare the hell out of you at night who’s studied under preeminent ghost hunter Hans Holzer. That’s the best way to describe the protagonist and real-life pilgrim of the night as he and his voluptuous Czech sidekick Silvana recount their adventures into the supernatural around the globe. The author takes you on a roller coaster ghost busting ride across the country and even into the dark woods of Transylvania (that’s right in Romania). In eleven riveting chapters written in a hard-boiled detective staccato style the X-Investigations team reveals the details of their most frightening and in some ways totally unexplained occult cases. Unlike the myriad « paranormal » investigations and ghost hunting books on the market Occult Investigator tackles more bizarre challenges including a computer cursed by black magick a vampire teen who has a blood sucking psychic link with his spitting-image cousin the werewolf of Van Nuys California killer cats Satanic neighbors in a Manhattan apartment and our favorite a sexually crazed succubus housewife who blames demons for her insatiable cravings!

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